Friday, March 16, 2012

Closet For an 18" Doll

My oldest granddaughter LOVES her "Jenny" doll. But Jenny needed clothes and a place to put them so this is what I built.
I used 1 x 10's because I used a photo box to go under the bottom for accessories.  I allowed a couple of inches more than the height of the box.  I made it tall enough so that the doll could stand in it also, if she is not napping in the bed I already built!

 I have a Kreg Jig and used it to connect all of my shelves and the top.  Then I filled the holes and sanded them smooth
I took a couple of scraps of wood and drilled a hole in them the size of my dowel rod.  I think it was 1/2 inch.  I have delivered this and can't find the exact measurements.  (I did write them down)  I will add them later if I come across them.
I added some molding around the front.
I had a scrap of bead board so I used that for the back.  Hard board or Luann would be just as good.
And there you go.  Not a difficult project at all. And here it is after I made some doll clothes to go in it.  My granddaughter was very excited when she saw it!