Thursday, April 19, 2012

Latest Projects

 Some ties...

 A rag quilt...

 Some superhero capes made from this pattern here.  I printed out the decals on t shirt transfers.  I thought that easier than the appliques.  I also made a Super Why cape.  If I make any more I will put the decal on the front and not on the cape.  That will be much cheaper.

A Grab-N-Go basket for the new baby.
 I found a similar one that had cute die cuts on the front but I went another way.  I made my bags out of diaper cloth.  They contain a diaper, wipes, changing pad and disposable bib.  Since the bag is water proof it might come in handy for those "unexpected" messes!  When in a hurry you can just grab a bag and head out the door.

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