Thursday, April 19, 2012

Latest Projects

 Some ties...

 A rag quilt...

 Some superhero capes made from this pattern here.  I printed out the decals on t shirt transfers.  I thought that easier than the appliques.  I also made a Super Why cape.  If I make any more I will put the decal on the front and not on the cape.  That will be much cheaper.

A Grab-N-Go basket for the new baby.
 I found a similar one that had cute die cuts on the front but I went another way.  I made my bags out of diaper cloth.  They contain a diaper, wipes, changing pad and disposable bib.  Since the bag is water proof it might come in handy for those "unexpected" messes!  When in a hurry you can just grab a bag and head out the door.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Closet For an 18" Doll

My oldest granddaughter LOVES her "Jenny" doll. But Jenny needed clothes and a place to put them so this is what I built.
I used 1 x 10's because I used a photo box to go under the bottom for accessories.  I allowed a couple of inches more than the height of the box.  I made it tall enough so that the doll could stand in it also, if she is not napping in the bed I already built!

 I have a Kreg Jig and used it to connect all of my shelves and the top.  Then I filled the holes and sanded them smooth
I took a couple of scraps of wood and drilled a hole in them the size of my dowel rod.  I think it was 1/2 inch.  I have delivered this and can't find the exact measurements.  (I did write them down)  I will add them later if I come across them.
I added some molding around the front.
I had a scrap of bead board so I used that for the back.  Hard board or Luann would be just as good.
And there you go.  Not a difficult project at all. And here it is after I made some doll clothes to go in it.  My granddaughter was very excited when she saw it!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Projects 2011

 I made block puzzles for the 2 and 3 year olds.  The pictures I purchased from Print Candee.

                       I also painted peg people for them.

         I bought a Moses basket and covered it in fabric strips for the 3 year old.
 Using the Flat Emilie pattern I made a clothe book for a clothe "paper" doll.  The left side is a pouch for the extra clothes.

                                 This is a letter for Noah's bedroom. 

                    These are art caddies I made for the older two girls.
                    This is the 5 year old with the snake I made her.

Valentine Crayons

Brandy and I have been trying to come up with a non candy alternative for Valentine's Day.  I made heart shaped crayons for her girls to take to school as treats for their classmates.  And YES you can use the $2.50 silicone ice trays from Target!!  I chopped up crayons that I had bought at the beginning of school when they were cheap.
 I added these to the ice trays and put them in the oven at 200 degrees.  I watched them until they were melted, not sure how long.  Since I wasn't sure if the ice tray would melt too, I kept a close eye on it.  Be careful when taking it out of the oven or you will slosh it like I did.
 After they cooled some I popped them out of the ice tray and there you go.
There were 14 hearts per tray and I did 4 trays.  Now I just need to find a topper for these after I put them in a cellophane bag.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Square Tops and Baprons with a Pocket

I made three of these for the little girls at our 4th celebration.

The instructions are here at Lil Blue Boo.

I also made Baprons found here.  I made them out of oil cloth and laminated cotton.  I also added a pocket because if the bib doesn't absorb then it will just slide down into their lap.

The red ones are also reversible. 

Now I'm off to work on a faux chenille blanket.  Sewing all those lines is a pain!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bible Cover

I saw a Bible cover here but no tutorial so I decided to make my own.  There are no measurements here because every Bible is a different size, even the two I covered.  I will show you how I decided on the size.  So here goes...
I measured the Bible from top to bottom and cut a strip of butcher paper that width plus 1 inch so I would have a 1/2 inch seam at the top and bottom..
 Then I folded in the sides and cut it to fit the book when it was closed.  This became my pattern for the cover.
 I made 2 covers two different ways.  For this one, I folded in the the flaps and cut the cover that size plus 1 inch.
I then cut a piece of fusible batting that is 1/2 inch shorter and narrower than the cover and ironed it on the wrong side of the cover.
I used the flap size to cut the fabric for the 2 flaps and again I cut the fusible batting 1/2 inch shorter and narrower than the flaps and ironed it on.
 I used the batting size to cut another piece of fabric to go over the batting.
Set aside the cover because you have to make the pocket next. This pocket went sideways and I put twistable crayons in it.  I just laid my fabric remnant on the cover to guesstimate width and cut it.  As long as it fits the cover, the size is up to you.  I used a crayon to decide where to fold it and then pressed the folds.
I folded the top flap so it would go under the front so there is only the front of the fabric visible.  I know this is confusing but I'm not sure how to explain all this.  Hope the pictures help.

This is what you should have at this point.
I ironed on some fusible interface to the back to add some stiffness.  Now sew up the sides and turn right side out. Press.

I marked a line in the middle and then measured from there out.  I made the outside pocket a little wider because I will be sewing along the side to attach it to the cover.  I used snaps but I think a loop and button would be better.  It's hard for the girls to snap it shut on top of a crayon.

Now sew the left, right and bottom of the crayon pocket to the front of the cover.  I left the top open and put a small blank book that I made in there.

  Now back to the cover.

On the outside, back you will pin the handles and loop.  I just estimated the length of the handles and cut them the same size.  I used a hair rubber band for my loop.  Now place the inside flap with right sides together over this and seam up this edge being sure to catch the handles and the loop in the seam.  I back stitched over the handles and loop several times to add some security.
It should look like this.  Repeat with the handles on the other side.  I lined them up with the first handles so they would be even.
This is what you now have, pocket is attached and the handles and loop are also attached.
 I put the cover on the Bible and marked where the seams would need to be.
 I pressed the edge under where I had marked.  Then you will sew only one edge at this point with the right sides of the cover and flap together.  Then fit it back on the Bible to make sure you have the other seam marked correctly.  Then you can sew the final seam and turn right side out.  I sewed all the way across the bottom to sew down the edge.  I also iron this edge down using some seam tape so it would stay in position for sewing.  Place the cover on the Bible and mark where you need to add a button for the closure.  I did this last but you can also do this before sewing the flaps, it would probably be easier.
 This shows the pocket for the book.  I made some small blank books out of scrapbooking card stock and duck tape.

And there you go...  With no measurements!  This first one I made was one piece that included the flaps.  I sewed the handles to the outside and the loop to the back.  I made the pocket go lengthwise and put twistable colored pencils in it.